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Bring Jewish Connectivity to your community, face-to-face or using technology


We provide a wide variety of consulting services, from traditional Rabbinic and chaplaincy services to high-tech social media.

Jewish Life Coaching

Empower you to find meaning Add value to your life, your family, your career Create your own Jewish journey Set and achieve Jewish life goals Nurture your soul to strengthen every part of your life Find resources to support your growth

About Us

Rabbi Arnold D. Samlan, MSW, is Founder and Owner of Jewish Connectivity. Arnie is an innovative and creative Jewish educational leader and rabbi.

Jewish Connectivity™ Stands For:

  • Shaping meaningful Jewish living and learning
  • Outcomes that change Jewish lives and professional practice
  • Ongoing support and communications
  • Teaching connectedness as a Jewish habit of mind
  • Envisioning an emerging Jewish future
  • Encouraging Jewish creativity
  • Supporting the idea that we are all b'tzelem Elohim, in God's image
  • Helping clients to maintain perspective and balance
  • Building capacity for "Do it Yourself" Judaism
  • Charting personal Jewish journeys